Brake system, Brake Booster for Car

ALFA ROMEO: 56Offers
AUDI: 254Offers
BMW: 301Offers
CITROËN: 363Offers
DACIA: 61Offers
DAEWOO: 20Offers
FIAT: 355Offers
FORD: 448Offers
HONDA: 63Offers
HYUNDAI: 199Offers
JAGUAR: 10Offers
JEEP: 8Offers
KIA: 187Offers
LANCIA: 16Offers
LAND ROVER: 13Offers
MAZDA: 179Offers
NISSAN: 146Offers
OPEL: 590Offers
PEUGEOT: 472Offers
PORSCHE: 11Offers
RENAULT: 795Offers
SEAT: 117Offers
SKODA: 136Offers
SMART: 18Offers
SUBARU: 28Offers
SUZUKI: 108Offers
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Sales Charts

Most sold Brake Boosters for cars according to statistics for June 2024 on PartsBit

In the first place are RENAULT cars, 8 pcs were sold for it. The rest of the seats were shared by OPEL, VW, PEUGEOT and FORD.

Prices for Used Brake Boosters

The cheapest used one Brake Boosters can currently be bought for 13 €. The average price is around 68 € and the maximum price for Brake Boosters is 799 €.

All car spare parts in Brake Boosters as an overview

Number of used spare parts:6314 pcs
Most expensive used spare parts:799 €
Cheapest used spare parts:13 €
Average price for used spare parts:68 €