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About PartsBit

PartsBit has car spare parts, second-hand and new

PartsBit is one of the largest advertising online-portals of new and second-hand car spare parts. Moreover here you will find updated offers of new and second-hand spare parts for car from individuals and companies.

Purchase of spare parts for individuals and companies is also possible. For making an offer for sale and for searching a required spare part just make some clicks.

To find a required spare part, type the request in the mask. Internet search service will give you all available spare parts, new and second-hand, which are offered for sale now. Thanks to filter, you can sort results according to the following criteria:

Our tip: Search service mask offers you to set a manufacturer’s code, reference code and OE- or OEM –number to be sure in a right choice of the articles.

If it is a second-hand part, it is cheaper than the new one. But it in any case does not mean that it is of poor quality because second-hand parts are mostly serviceable and operate for many years.

In details you will find specified list of cars for which the chosen spare parts are suitable. In such a way you can be sure once again that these spare parts are suitable for your car. At PartsBit you will get suitable new and second-hand spare parts fast and safely.